While Dems Babbled About Russia, GOP Passed Trickle-Up Economics Tax Bill
Caitlin Johnstone

I just have one small issue with this piece — the title. I understand, and probably everyone else does, that when you say Trickle Up, you mean that the wealth will trickle up from the poor to the rich. But this is the reverse of the usual language, in which government policy gives money to the wealthy on the theory that they will use it to create jobs and thus it will Trickle Down to the poor. Some have pointed out that this doesn’t happen — they hoard the wealth, use it for stock market gains or to buy politicians, even when they spend it on luxury items this doesn’t create many jobs. Whereas with a Trickle Up policy, any money you give the poor quickly is spent on badly needed things, and soon leaves the next set of hands… so you’re changing the terminology, potentially creating confusion and muddying the rhetorical waters.