Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

My problem here is that you lump all the “protest” voters in with the Trump supporters and make no mention of the reasons that we could NOT vote for Hillary. You want to blame Trump supporters for all of these woes when just about ANY other democrat could have beaten him soundly. She steals the nomination and you complain that we don’t vote for her. You also claim that Trump is anti gay (and he very much seems to be) but I also remember when Hillary was anti-gay. I also remember when she threatened and intimidated women that were victims of her husband and stood by his side when he signed the Defense of Marriage act. Do you? I also remember when she was a lifelong Yankees fan, but when the Cubs won, she was a lifelong Cubs fan. The fact is that nothing that comes out of Hillary’s mouth has any intention of anything but gaining Hillary power and standing. If she thought she could sell Trumps platform better, she would have done so. Trump is a boisterous, pompous, arrogant, lying windbag, but Hillary is a sneaky, conniving, blackmailing, snake in the grass. Letting Trump into the White House is like letting a bull run loose in a china shop, but letting Hillary in would be like letting the fox into the hen house. With one, you’re going to end up with a lot of broken shit and a screwed up shop, but the other will kill all your hens. Don’t ever assume that because I don’t support Hillary that I condone Trump. A vote for the lesser of two evils still is supporting evil. The problem here is that you demonize half the voters, many of whom hated voting for Trump only slightly less than they would have hated voting for Hillary. The problem isn’t the voters, it’s the two political parties who couldn’t possibly care less about you and your struggle. They will both say and do anything to get you to vote for them, but you are worthless to them once they have it. America collectively told the political elite that they would rather cut their own throat than elect another career politician, and that’s exactly what they did. Talk to me when you’re actually willing to support a third party and actually do something to fix this problem.

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