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WildLands 🌵
10 min readMay 29, 2022
Wildlands Whitepaper Cover
Wildlands Whitepaper Cover

Dust, sweat, and hard work await those who enter them. Wealth, glory, and honor for those who master them. Take your first step into the endless expanses of the Wildlands. Roam through an open, dynamic game world that offers new secrets, adventures and opportunities every day.

The Wildlands Metaverse changes every day, every hour, and is completely dynamic. Depending on the day and time in the real world (UTC), there are different items, missions, and characters. First version of the game will be available as browser game, but made available on ios and android mobile platforms in later versions.

Wildlands is divided into three branches, Play, Learn, and DeFI (Decentralized Finance)


Wildlands creates a digital Wild West Metaverse with a mix of RPG, strategy, and life/economic simulation. The game’s main objective is to offer you a world in which you can simply relax, leave the stress of everyday life behind and immerse yourself in an entertaining Wild West world. Below you’ll learn about the contents, concepts, and game mechanics involved in creating this world.

Dynamic, Real-Time Metaverse

Wildlands Saloon — Day and Night Cycle
Wildlands Saloon — Day and Night Cycle

Wildlands is based on the UTC time zone, i.e., the game world changes dynamically in real-time. Animals and villagers have different habits and a fixed daily routine, some are active at night, others you only meet at certain hours or days of the week.

The world is updated hourly, creating a dynamic metaverse that is tied to the UTC time zone. This concept provides a unique and varied gaming experience.

Smart Game Characters

Character with smart Dialogue System in our Wildland’s Saloon
Wildlands’s smart Dialogue System

Our world is populated by various characters. They are scattered throughout the game world and have unique characteristics and stories. Each character has a different backstory that sets them apart in Wildlands.

The characters interact intelligently within the world, as soon as new buildings, events, people or animals enter the metaverse, word spreads among the villagers. Depending on the time and day, different themes and stories are addressed. You can also make friends with the villagers and new dialogues or stories emerge. It’s best to talk to the characters on a regular basis because you can always need good friends in the rough Wild West. A “Love/Hate AI” system keeps track of your friendship level for each character based on your decisions and fulfilled quests.

The advanced dialog system can range from small talk about game updates and events to important background stories about Wildlands. The characters also offer different missions or extensive story quests over time. Every decision has long-term consequences for the course of the game. Be excited to meet the unique characters, whether heroes or normal villagers, each has its own story.


Inventory Menu for Wildlands Items
Inventory Menu for Wildlands Items

Items are a rare commodity in Wildlands. In the beginning, you’ll only have a few raw materials and tools available, which can be refined or processed over time. The further you advance in the game, the more raw materials and tools are available. You’ll be able to buy or sell the items during the game, and over time your own village store will be integrated for this purpose.

Various plants grow on the ground of the Wildlands, you’ll encounter wild animals from time to time, and the waters are also teeming with life. Every few hours, the game will provide you with a certain number of resources, which you can then harvest or collect. Enjoy the vibrant wildlife of Wildlands, but watch out, if you catch too many fishes, you’ll have to wait longer for the population to recover, so make sure you have a healthy hunting ratio. Pay attention to the day and night cycle when hunting.

Tools, machines and weapons give you access to certain resources that you can buy or sell during the game. The better your arsenal of tools is, the more useful your lands will be. Some items you discover are mysterious, others you get as gifts from the villagers; whether you sell them or not is up to you. However, always be careful, because certain items can still prove very useful during the game.

Lands and Buildings

Night Saloon — Ingame material in realtime
Night Saloon — Ingame material in realtime

At the beginning of the game, the land is desolate and empty. You find yourself on barren ground and a saloon greets you in no man’s land. But as the saying goes, “You can build on solid ground,” and there is plenty of it. Whether it’s stores, houses, banks, or a simple stable, the more characters that stray into the Wildlands and the more the economy flourishes, the more people will enter the Wildlands and create buildings.

Each building has a specific function and determines your progress in the game. Completing a new building can take a few days or weeks. You can follow the progress live and maybe ask around because someone probably knows how long it will take to finish the next building. How about having your own Wild West farm in a nice, quiet place with its own unique decor?

Missions and Badges

Fishing in the Wildlands (ingame)
Fishing in the Wildlands

There are a variety of missions, mini-games, and tasks to build a thriving village. These missions are rewarded through play-to-earn and learn-to-earn, where you can choose whether you get your reward in-game or on the chain. Successfully completed missions also reward you with badges that you can collect and admire in your badge gallery.

Learn to Earn

Another innovative approach of Wildlands is learn-to-earn. Wildlands bridges the gap between gaming and the blockchain-based crypto world.

With this “bridge”, you will be introduced to decentralized finance (DeFi) via a learning course and will then be able to claim your assets on the blockchain. This step is completely optional for you and not required for the gaming experience.

With the DeFi component, the game content is intended to further intensify the gaming experience through decentralized ownership and create new financial incentives. A true economic simulation of the Wild West. As an enthusiastic fan, you can dive into the DeFi world at your leisure and learn how to create your own wallet or claim your first play-to-earn tokens. Topics such as security, how non-fungible tokens work or how staking works are also is covered in these courses.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

To intensify the Wildlands game experience and create an economically driven metaverse, we have decided to make assets accessible in a decentralized way on the blockchain. This option is completely optional for you and offers not only incentives through financial investment opportunities, passive income streams, and an active economic system, but also an immersive, thriving Wild West economic system.

Important: Wildlands is not dependant on Decentralized Finance, DeFi is an additional non-mandatory feature offered by Wildlands to drive crypto adaptation forward.

In addition to our BITGOLD (BTG) tokens, NFTs and other exciting products are also finding their way into the Wildlands.


The token of Wildlands is called BITGOLD (BTG). Unlike other DeFi projects, BITGOLD has a maximum supply of 11 million to avoid the endless inflation effect. The distribution is as follows:

  • Rewards (Staking/P2E/L2E): 80.6%
  • Marketing & costs: 9%
  • Initial Supply: 9.1%
  • Team allocation: 1.3%

BITGOLD Distribution

How is our tokenomics structured and when are rewards paid out? Wildlands aims for a long-term time horizon. Therefore, it is important to keep inflation in check. Therefore, these tokens are paid out via a halving mechanism so that the total payout is halved each year. Specifically, this means that 50% (= 40.3% of the maximum supply) is paid out in the first year, 25% (= 20.15% of the maximum supply) in the second year, 12.5% (= 10.075% of the maximum supply) in the third year, and so on. By halving, Wildlands allows for a long-term payout of rewards. On the timeline in the figure below, it looks like this:

BITGOLD (BTG) Circulating Supply
BITGOLD (BTG) Circulating Supply

Tokenomics — Halving Effect

The halving mechanism counteracts inflation compared to traditional DeFi tokenomics. The chart below illustrates the impact of inflation and the resulting supply difference. You can think of the difference as the number of tokens a crypto project would need to burn to achieve the same effect. A project would need to have burned 22% of all tokens after two years, 38% after three years, and over 50% after four years.

Monthly Inflation DEFI vs. Wildlands deflation/inflation
Monthly Inflation DeFi vs. Wildlands deflation/inflation

Tokenomics — Risk & Security

The tokens are not kept in the team’s wallet but are minted over time by the smart contract, i.e. the circulating stock is increased. The halfing is an immutable part of the protocol. This approach reduces risk as the team does not have access to the reward tokens unlike many other crypto gaming projects.

Product Portfolio and Roadmap

In our product portfolio, we give an overview about all products that are intended/planned for Wildlands. Our approach is “simplicity first”, we want to create a simple game world with as much functionality and variety of experiences as possible.

Wildland’s Product Portfolio

  • NFT affiliate system (Wildland’s Cards)
  • Dynamic, Real-Time Metaverse (Web + App)
  • BITGOLD tokens
  • Staking/mining
  • Play-to-earn integration (missions, mini-games, explore mode)
  • Learn-to-earn integration (learning module)
  • Crafting system (refining and further development of assets)
  • Social mode (multiplayer, tournaments, events, chats)
  • Wild West economic expansion with NFT lands and NFT real estate

Utilities and Solutions

When Utility? Wildlands primarily targets the traditional mobile gaming market and focuses its marketing and products primarily on gaming. This focus attracts new users and sets up DeFi an additional immersive component of our economic simulation. This approach stabilizes our project and in addition to connecting two mega markets, it provides great scaling opportunities.

So let’s talk about the practical utility, i.e., the added value. The Wildlands BITGOLD (BTG) token is the main token of Wildlands. Use it to buy in-game items, improve them or craft new ones. Use it to pay for NFT upgrades or invest in in the project.

To make this work, the BTG token can be converted to the in-game currency (off-chain), making it an integral part of Wildland’s ecosystem. In addition, crypto-independent in-game purchases (off-chain) are used for automatic buybacks of the on-chain token and other marketing approaches. In addition, P2E features can be enabled on-chain.

Utility and Solutions at a Glance:

  • Gamified Concept: A world that is fun and invites you to play several times a day for at least 10–30 minutes.
  • Hooked-Principle: A game with a user-friendly, addictive and intuitive gameplay. The middle between overchallenge and underchallenge, the perfect game flow. Easy onboarding using characters and no overwhelming documentation.
  • Mass Adaptation: Entry into the mobile gaming market, positioning in the play and App Store. Marketing via Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram. Affiliate system to create a viral network effect.
  • DeFi Component: A unique combination of gaming and DeFi using learn-to-earn and play-to-earn concepts, off-chain and on-chain. Incentive options and integration of decentralized assets in a classic simulation game. Simple investment opportunity for every user, without major intermediate hurdles or formalities.
  • Courses and Learning: Simple entry into the decentralized crypto world, quick understanding of decentralized products and courses with important concepts such as security and sensible investment training.
  • Decentralized Token: The BITGOLD token is the currency off- and/or on-chain. Buying, selling, trading or crafting can only be done with our BTG token. In addition, it also plays an important role for governance.
  • Learn/Play-to-Earn: Incentive Models to create a thriving Economic System. Rewards for quests, courses and tasks. Financial incentive to dive into the crypto world.

In order not to miss any new information and market opportunities, always stay up to date via our social media channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wildlands_me

Telegram: https://t.me/wildlands_me

Discord: https://discord.gg/NeKAkN47DD


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