Thankful to be Alive

It’s one thing hearing about a bomb that’s just gone off, somewhere in the world.. (again..) over the television, and a whole other realising you were just THERE — where a bomb HAS just gone off, just the day before.

I’m talking about the Erawan Shrine Bombing that’s just happened in Bangkok, Thailand — on this evening of 17th August 2015.

All seemed fine and dandy just the day before — Adeline, Alvin and I had visited the Erawan Shrine, giving thanks as well as praying for times ahead.

I was a very happy girl, on this part sponsored trip to Thailand for sticking through thick and thin with them and their company, Adele Duxton — as photographer (& occasional minion :P).. for wow, 2 years + now!

That afternoon I was especially happy seeing these beautiful blue orchids again!

Funny how I just saw some of these at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia last month.

They were labelled “Singapore Orchids”. Never seen them in this beautiful shade before though!

(Figured I just must have been living under some rock, never pay attention to my own country’s flowers, lol..)

We were just finishing dinner at China Town when we learnt about the Erawan Shrine bombing.. after a long day of some shopping in the morning, and site recceing the entire afternoon. (Next Post: Photo Spread! :P)

We really have to count our lucky stars,” hushed Adeline, as we (& our local Thai cabbie) replayed and replayed footage of the explosion that’d been going around online, hearts gripped we just could have lost our lives.

As we were reaching our hotel — OK. We go Phuket. We count Stars. OK?I chimmed, bringing the three of us to a grin. :P

Spending 1 more day in Bangkok before heading to Phuket for diving & underwater photography! :D

Life is unpredictable.
I’ll be counting my blessings.
And counting stars.

nicole aka Nikkiko

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