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It’s hard to see a strong path forward for our country with the current administration. I voted for Hilary but don’t fault voters who wanted change. However, as this article lays out well, the person they voted into office showed us time and again how woefully unprepared he was to lead our country. In just 120 days, there has been no credible advancement of the change agenda because elected leaders are too polarized into inaction and watching the train wreck that is Donald Trump continue to crash and burn, sometimes on an hourly basis. How can anyone who voted Trump look at needing a special prosecutor to look into Trump’s Russia ties and think this is good for our families? the world? It wasn’t that ago that aligning with Russia would have sent voters (and GOP candidates) running for their pitchfork and torches. Why is that accepted now by his supporters? By GOP leaders? Our country is still great (contrary to MAGA rhetoric), but its beacon of goodness and hope is fading without intervention from those in elected positions who must find a backbone now to demand better from our president.

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