Imagine Dragons Cares about the Refugee Crisis (and you should too)
Dan Reynolds

This was a very moving read. It’s sad to see it has received only less than 400 recommends. I think that except for a select few, the majority of the human race has fallen into a selfish culture where it’s all about my life, my dream, my goals, my needs, my career, my aspirations etc. (I could go on but you get the gist). The needs of others in general have become almost nonexistent in our extremely busy and important lives — unless of course in the case where it satisfies our own needs or goals indirectly. So the refugees, who are labelled as immigrants and ‘don’t seem’ to have anything to offer to the world, are seen as nothing but a burden that everyone wants to gets rid of or have someone else bear — which lead at one point to some genuine people pointing out that they are in fact people like you and me, some of them were once doctors or engineers even. But they aren’t affluent anymore and whether they are educated or not, nobody wants to welcome the poor, the downtrodden or the weak in their society be they children or grown men and women.

Edit: Sadly this was on today’s news.

The Guardian view on asylum in Europe: the closing north

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