CharRNN - New Tool Lyrics

In anticipation of new music from Tool, I wanted to play around with the now classic Karpathy Char RNN to generate some new Tool lyrics. Here is a song called “Home” which the RNN generated from a database of Tool lyrics.

Home — — — — — — — — — —

So, the showy held in my one a pincer of the ground.

I can to see you would way the grudge the say all a Selly.

And you winked and to forger the ground the brother to fare and the fourth and the white the love and begun the found

Sand you want to see.

So, breathe to store.

I've been the wangle is all along

I want to weal the way that I way cent to the berry one won't sing to the ground to the one of the Goulding one.

I can't reaping the wart and toe have

I me say the ego in what we have and reap in my out a barter the bean of the round to the in

And I would wither the war and to see what they said

Be the shined of me to begging to down

Shat the stare a condor and the packing that I came to read the minds of the ground to law and

Frag to saw the they gained to be hoer one the money mine.

I want to watch the grad and to sot like a crown to be the one

The piece to see you to be the bed to sham the manes and the fruity

So best here the part and to see who come to be the one to brow the wings of the ground to the me.

I can to the one your wince of the ground to shear

They sing to see browns to see you in my mind.

I can't remember what they said to me and the way to light on the same.

So, and you want ate to fade a canner of the session of feel and the crown to can.

I can't have been the wing in my bead.

It saints the down and the berry hill and alone

And I'm suing the say the wane spawn to sting the one the found to be the end

Fun the same and so what you way the endure and

Fort wall deep me died

So, me that he ends to be a sedition, must here warbling of reap and to set like a crown me sedation.

I want to watch that sad you down.