ICE, ICE Baby…

Wilf Voss
Wilf Voss
Sep 22, 2019 · 4 min read
The risk of parking a ICE in a charge point space

Years ago, when we first ventured onto the exciting journey of having an electric vehicle, the only concern was related to charging. Good old range anxiety, not knowing if you would make it to your destination, I mean, how much do you really trust the on-board computer? And, back then if disaster struck and you fell to zero before expected. Where on earth would you charge it?

I will admit that, even today there are not enough places to charge vehicles. (Are you listening, employers and public parking space providers?) However, usually you will now find, as I said in my last blog post, our own, exclusive parking space where I can tether my vehicle like a horse in a 50’s Western, and go on my way.

However, there is a fly in the ointment, and this is the phenomenon of ICE’ing. Let me explain, however, those of us who are on the electric way know it all too well.

An ICE vehicle is an internal combustion engine, or as we say in my family ‘one of those…’ and ICE’ing is when ‘one of those’ drivers fails to see the pretty darn obvious signage and thinks, ‘oh look, a parking space. It’s fair game.’

Well, even though I know that there will be very few ICE drivers reading this, apart from the enlightened ones who will be looking to join the club and go electric. You need to know that, unless you are driving an electric vehicle, this is not the space for you. Move on, do another lap of the car park and then consider giving up on the whole idea and seeing if it can be delivered in a ridiculously fast time, only to be left in the recycling bin by the courier driver with the quietest knock in England. However, I digress.

Of course, I guess many of these people are the same who park, sans child in the parent and child spaces (a 15 year old, despite having reverted to the vocabulary of a toddler, is not a child in this sense of the word). Or worse, those who insist on parking in Blue Badge bays when you don’t need to. There is a far corner of hell where you will have to park when the time comes and it is as far from the door as possible.

There is an aside here for the drivers of plug in hybrids, bless ’em. You did very well and you are almost electric, however you don’t need to plug in right here and now, where as the real electric drivers do, so please, move aside. Thank you.

My real rage is reserved for those who park with impunity in an EV charge point in a gas guzzling, goodness knows how many litre vehicle. They saw the space and though, who would mind? Well, I do. So here is my five step plan to conquer the ICE brigade.

  1. If you need a charge, you should have one. You not only have the moral high ground, but also a surfeit of signage in your favour. Have no guilt as you block them in to get a charge,
  2. Get out your extension cable. If you cannot reach comfortably because there is an ICE in the space, well relax, unreel the cable and plug in.
  3. Pop on a gentle reminder. You can buy stickers to remind them of the error of their ways. The one below is polite and clings to the window without leaving a mark, I would not, dear reader, suggest anything more stern.
EV Charge point sticker
EV Charge point sticker

4. Take your time. — You should not be in a hurry, enjoy that coffee (think of the Costa points). Savour that shopping trip, or even enjoy a long film. For, if you have done it right the person who blocked your space will be politely waiting. This is education remember…

5. Be ready to run… They may not see the funny side, so be ready to unplug, leap in and drive off as fast as possible. Maybe this was not such a great idea after all…

Of course, the authorities are starting (finally) to sit up and pay attention. Now, you don’t have to act as a lone vigilante as you will often find an expensive ticket stuck to the windscreen of the ICE in question. Sadly not happening enough, but when you see it you know that karma is on your side!

The ultimate anti-ICE solution — install a new charge point in situ

Happy driving!

Wilf Voss

Written by

Wilf Voss

Professional writer — background in marketing and event management. Lives by the seaside, likes biscuits.

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