What does it mean to Design?

Whether it’s in the physical realm or the digital one, we have all come across remarkably designed products, services or websites.

I constantly find myself whelmed at the quality of design in the world.

My observations are that an individual’s attitude towards design is partially to blame for frequency of sub-par design.

“When you build a sand castle on a beach, you are the architect of that sand castle. The same applies to the design of products and services.”

You may recall a time an individual “ignores” the design aspects of a product or service.

This action is usually justified by the person being a non-designer, however this is not excuse for bad design.

There is no such thing as a “pre-design” product or service. There are circumstances where the design is not the highest priority but, releasing such a product or service into the world is releasing a ill-designed one.

The thought process of a designer is applied to all aspects of a good designer’s life. By neglecting design or completely delegating it to another individual, you are wasting a valuable opportunity to practice paying attention to the details.

To design is to make a choice. Good design is taking ownership of the smallest decisions and their implications in the pursuit of a specific goal.

Where does this leave life’s undesirable experiences? It attributes them to neglectful designers. If we changed the terminology of non-designer to neglectful designer. We could make people more aware of their decisions and the experiences they are creating.

My passion for design is the result my secondary school teachers’ love for design. However, it was not the skills they taught me which sewed the seed of design in my life.

It was how deeply they cared about design. It was their visceral reaction to poorly designed products which showed me that things could be better and that they should be better.

I believe we should all take greater ownership of our conscious and unconscious decisions. By proxy, this could make the world a better designed place.

The opposite of this argument mostly holds true. The source of some of the par designed experiences in the world are people which do not care or take ownership of their decisions. Unfortunately I have yet to come up with a solution to this issue…