Why join Toptal Web Developers Network ?

Working 8hours per day and 40hours per week is no joke for a developer, Imagine times when you need to take a nap but you just can’t, just because there is a missing semi-colon on a line that doesn’t even exist in your code. These times are tiring and it just seems endless as you get more impatient. And as a good developer, a bug has to be fixed before you start writing another API. But trust me when I say developers need to give a pause to full time jobs and be on contract. Though every developer job types have pros and cons, but I still think contract is a most suitable job type for developers. A blog post says

Independent contractors can work like freelancers, with multiple clients on a per-project basis, but more generally they work with one company at a time for an extended and specified period (the “contract”) and they are paid by the hour.

The Udacity blog gives a good explanation on the job types.

TOPTAL — hiring top 3%

Without a biased mind, TOPTAL the best option a developer can ever have to get these jobs. TOPTAL is a very brilliant idea and more grease to the elbow of the founders, it worth it.

Using this platform will enable me to work with other developers out of my ecosystem.

Reasons why I am joining the Toptal Web Developers Network

Learning is never ending, so I have a lot of reading to do, to keep the pace of client — That’s so interesting.

Lastly, to make more $$$ as those are needed to, being healthy to respond to client calls is important.

The one huge reason why I am joining the TOPTAL and any other person should is that it gives a chance to explore and engage in project you never thought of.

TOPTAL is that one huge platform an developer would ever want to try out.