CS3240 Individual Design Exercise

  1. User research and market research
  2. Main Features (User Task)
  3. Design Decision
  4. Detailed walkthrough of user workflow
  5. Individual Patient Details Screen
    a. Patient Information
    b. Visits
    c. Medical History
    d. Immunisation
    e. Lab Results
    f. Scan Results
    g. User Profile & Settings
  6. Hifi Figma Prototype
  7. Conclusion
Design Statement
Fig 1

Main Features (User Task)

  1. Dashboard to access patients medical records
  2. Dashboard to manage patients medical records
  3. Dashboard to easily track a list of selected patients

Design Decision

Fig 2. A screenshot from one of the screen

Detailed walkthrough of user workflow

Fig 3. Login Screen and Customised Dashboard
Fig 4. Customised Dashboard and Selection Menu
Fig 5. Search Window
Fig 6 Customised Dashboard

Individual Patient Information Screens

Patient Information

Fig 7. Individual Patient Medical Record

Visit Detail

Fig 8.1 Visit Summary
Fig 8.2 Visit Details
Fig 8.3 Submitting Visit Details

Medical History

Fig 9.1 Medical History


Fig 10.1 Immunisation History
Fig 10.2 Updating or adding new immunisation information

Lab Results

Fig 11.1 Lab Results
Fig 11.2 Added new lab result

Scan Results

Fig 12.1 Scan Results
Fig 12.2 Scan results detailed view

User Profile & Settings

Fig 13.1 User Profile and Settings

Hifi Figma Prototype





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