A Rumi Poem.*

Wil Roach
Wil Roach
Oct 9 · 1 min read
Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

Who Makes These Changes?

Who makes these changes?

I shoot an arrow right.

It lands left.

I ride after a deer and find myself

chased by a hog.

I plot to get what I want

and end up in prison.

I dig pits to trap others

and fall in.

I should be suspicious

of what I want.

Rumi was (born September 30,1207, in Balkh,Afghanistan and died on December 17,1273).

This verse follows:- The Pickaxe: Getting to the Treasure Beneath the Foundation.

*Taken from The Essential Rumi

Translation by

Coleman Barks

Courtesy of my friend Athena (London)

Wil Roach

Written by

Wil Roach

Wilfred lives in Sydney, Australia. His interest is how a writer`s interior world is shaped and affected by external stimuli and experiences.

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