The Power Section

Wheel under motion when powerd by a LiPo Battery

This weekend I have been very busy testing out different power options for by RC car. When the RC car came in it was powered by 6x1.5 V dry cells which would be mounted below just like any RC car. They however proved quite ineffective due to their short life and tendency to become warm when used over a period of time.

I replaced them with a 6V Sealed Lead Acid Accumulator battery. This worked out well but when I placed the RC car on the ground, it barely moved. I quickly realised that it was too heavy and the battery was not giving the motors enough juice. I ditched it.

Today morning I was going through my trash box when I came across a China made Lipo battery. I last used it in 2014 when I was in Nanjing, China. It was intact with its own Balancer charger. I checked for the voltage and it was low so I charged it and after some 2 hours it was full. Connected ot to the RC car power cables and the wheels spun like they wanted to take off.

The LiPo Battery Pack

With that sorted lets move to the next part of the project :-)