Mitch & Freada Kapor

Thank you for this.. I know of you from my #diversityintech days when I was based in SF and the SXSW event that you organized. BiTHOUSE has always been supportive of minorities and women in tech (started as an initiative supporting SXSW with diversity and inclusion 2013) and continues to minimize barriers to entry for founders globally. Brian Dixon and I were on an NPR show together talking about diversity in tech ages ago. I am now based in Berlin and it is interesting being a minority female in tech, supporting tech while hearing and reading from an outside perspective.

I think that we don’t realize how far biases travel. When in the thick of it we feel it, when being on the outside looking in, I think others feel justified to treat certain people a certain way. America is watched by the world and the way we treat others or don’t spreads globally. As Americans we need to do better and think about implications that are being cultivated even beyond our borders. everyone looks to the Valley and travels there to see “How We Do Things.”

Culture sets the foundation, therefore it is time to disrupt the current VC culture as it stands because it has been traumatising for many and the impact penetrates the core. Entrepreneurship has been an opportunity for many to showcase their true expertise while traditional business channels may drown, minimize and/or hide the talents of minority talent and professionals. Where is the safe space? I am still trying to create some and will continue to try to “minimize barriers to entry” in the tech world on a global level for a long time.. #inclusionhacker

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