Miracletele Cellular Operator Based on Blockchain Technology

Wiliam paul
Apr 10 · 3 min read

Communication between humans starts from oral and written communication. This is effective if two or more people who communicate are located not far away. If the location of his residence is an alternative that is commonly used is to send a letter either by using someone’s services or services from animals such as pigeons and horses. This was once implemented in the second world war, but it cannot be denied that the messages were lost due to the attack of the opponent during the trip. Ways like this take a very long time and do not guarantee the letter reaches its destination. After all letters have properties that are easily damaged, dirty, and lost.

Around 1840 Antonio Meucci, an Italian researcher found a tool that could help humans to communicate from near and far. This tool is a telephone. The telephone is a communication tool through oral media. So people don’t have to bother writing letters. This telephone is then continued to be developed into a cellular telephone as it is today. Phones that were initially used by only a handful of elite people such as large offices such as government offices, banks and state-owned enterprises. But even though it has begun to be practical to use, the price to be paid is still very expensive.

Usually middle-low people use telephone kiosks to contact someone. Wartel is only located in strategic places such as urban areas. It was only around 2000 that mobile telephones were used. Of course this tool also determines expensive rates because this phone can be carried everywhere. This expensive tariff occurred because at that time there was only one telecommunications company operating, namely the Telkom company. Only a few years later came other telecommunications companies such as IM3, XL, 3. From the competition began to emerge, where each telecommunication company made promotional efforts to attract customer interest and increase sales.

Blockchain as a technology company that launches several leading platforms sees that in the current technological era, no one does not use mobile telecommunication equipment. Starting from children — children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly certainly can not be separated from the name of mobile technology. Miracletele as a blockchain technology based platform that utilizes Ethereum technology such as plasma technology, shading, or garphene protocol. This platform offers a much cheaper communication tool solution, safeguards secure personal data, and can be used as a financial transaction tool through the pay as you go model. Telecommunications companies that carry out promotions usually offer a number of cheap prices but are limited by time and only on certain uses. Miracletele works with dozens of operators in the world to create communication services that are much cheaper and not limited by time and types of use. As well as offering free tokens bonuses. With a low cost, this platform does not need to carry out large-scale promotions. Because the price offered is already cheap. So between customers and the Miracletele platform there is no need to make package purchases with certain agreements and besides that, they also give prizes every two weeks.

The marketing of the Miracletele platform uses the MVP technique by offering some of the latest products that are now spread in 163 countries. This means that this platform has a broad scope where users can take advantage of local and international scale.

To be a user of this platform, of course you have to do a number of stages of registration. At this stage you are not required to make an agreement regarding tariffs. Considering that there are some telecommunication operators who at the beginning of registering certainly offer several agreements regarding tariffs.

After registering you will get a sim card with various uses such as:

  1. Available in 163 countries
  2. Pay as you go model
  3. Provision of virtual numbers from available countries
  4. Low Tariffs start at E 0.01 per MB
  5. International call rates of E 0.2 per minute

With this, it is expected that the Miracletele platform can become the future cellular technology that produces several solution solutions for community telecommunications.

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