Helena adalah teman baik dari China, the most passionatic nice girl ever yang Wilis kenal se-antero daratan China. Berikut adalah bagian dari kumpulan surat-surat kami :)



Hey Wilis,
How you doing? I hope everything is going well with you.
On 18th March 2016, I will go to New York to attend model united nation conference. I remember you are interested in such activities, so are you going there also?
Best Wishes!

Hi Helena,

I’m so glad to receive this email, I’m very sorry for the previous one, it hasn’t replied yet, my fault :(.

Everything is turning challenging, sad to say now I become the Legislative Leader in Student State in my Faculty, so much stuff should be fixed, especially my time management. 
I hope you go well with your own top best Helena,
How you doing today? I’m happy to hear any activity around you.

About the model united nation conference; I’ve already contact my university International Office for that, and there are no significant reply. I’m afraid If I cant join, but that’s will be okay to hear the story from you.
Nice trip Helena, New York will be great.

Best Wishes Always!

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