Don’t settle

Self Improvement

For a long time my thing has been self improvement. Self improvement is important, it’s like self evolution but on a minute by minute scale. I believe it’s a noble pursuit to always try to be what you want to be.

For most of my life I was never happy with my place in the world. I have always been the youngest in a small family and the youngest in an even bigger extended family. It was easy to feel awkward or out of place when I was a decade younger than my nearest relative at family gatherings. So I searched for understanding elsewhere. When I was younger I had way too much energy; I basically had a bounce in my gait. In public schooling it also didn’t help that I was a little awkward and oversensitive. There were a lot of people who I didn’t understand, and because of the way I was; I was hurt because of it. I was always really friendly so I had friends but I never got an overwhelming sense of companionship from anyone. Once high school began the stress of the social construct began to tole on me. I got severely overweight and developed a seriously dangerous lifestyle when out of school. I was practically sedentary only leaving the house to volunteer or to be with my family. I was obese, angry, and had very few good friends; my life had no sustenance.

After being at such a humbling point in my life I refused to maintain my standard of living. Early in my senior year of high school I lost more than 60 pounds of weight. I went from off the pediatric charts to inside the optimal range for my height and weight. Losing all that weight gave me the confidence to revolutionize my life, pursuing goals that I thought would be previously unattainable. Self improvement is not about being someone who you aren’t, but discovering that you can be more than you thought you were.

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