That’s a Wrap! — Police Brutality App

It is so exciting the have finally reached the end of Lambda Labs and Lambda School itself! Looking back on the first day of Labs I had no idea how it would evolve into what he have accomplished today. I remember spending TWO WHOLE WEEKS preparing and planning our app before actually writing any code! I had never spent that much time in the planning process before, but it sure paid off! Having a template to work off of was a genius move. It made the process easier as a whole!

The best part of Labs was that we worked as a team and always at least in pairs. That way I had a least a small role to play in every app, but I also was able to contribute greatly to certain components using my own skills. It was good practice setting up the Back End, adding dummy data, creating components to filter incidents, using CSS and LESS, working on non-coding parts of the project, adding tests, really just being able to dip my feet into every part of the project. The biggest technical challenge was having to use Ant Design components and then getting them to functionally display the data we needed…it seemed as though we had this issue with every Ant component we used, but the end result was definitely worth the challenge.

I am so happy that we were able to spend two months working on this project. I feel I might have learned the most at Lambda School during this period. Actually, I feel bad for future students as Lambda because they have decided to short the Labs section to only one month. However, I do feel our team did a great job preparing our project for the next team to work off of. While I do see our app as a fully functional and stand alone project, we left off with a good amount of creative freedom for the next Labs team to take over. I feel like this project will be great to show our future potential employers and has given me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. I am looking forward to the next part of my life in Lambda X and the job search.