That’s a Wrap! — Police Brutality App

It is so exciting the have finally reached the end of Lambda Labs and Lambda School itself! Looking back on the first day of Labs I had no idea how it would evolve into what he have accomplished today. I remember spending TWO WHOLE WEEKS preparing and planning our app before actually writing any code! I had never spent that much time in the planning process before, but it sure paid off! Having a template to work off of was a genius move. It made the process easier as a whole!

The best…

When we first approached Lambda Labs for our last two months of schooling, there was a lot of controversy. In the past teams made apps to help start up companies create web applications to sell their product. That did not sit well with many of the student in my cohort. However, we were pleased to see that things would be changing for our Lambda Labs experience. For this opportunity the challenge was changed. Instead of helping for profit companies, we would be utilizing our skills to help nonprofit organizations.

When we met with Human Rights First, the idea was simple…

Cole Wilkison

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