“ I would never assault anyone for their preference when it comes to politics.
Effen Truth

First, let me say that I am a strong supporter of revitalizing our mental healthcare system. It is certainly fractured, but not beyond repair. People like you truly need our help.

Second, no, I’m not a “fucking idiot”. I’m just a sane person who can typically keep my own thoughts and positions inside of my head. I believe that success in life comes primarily from relationships. This is why I don’t come to snap judgements about strangers who have a difference of opinion(s). The alternative would be, as you’ve demonstrated here so elegantly, to come across like a raging lunatic that spews personal rhetoric before consuming the entirety of the thing he/she is commenting on. As far as your argument against mine, that people other than assholes trash others for their political beliefs, well, I think you’ve only proven point. In fact you’ve made it a lot stronger. You’re a welder reinforcing my position. Thank you.

Had you read the rest of my commentary,(I assume you couldn’t because you’re probably extremely busy doing successful and productive things) you’d see that I actually agree with you. The problem is though, you and people like you are idealistic in a world that thrives on variety. You can’t tell the difference between healthy debate and belittlement. This only demonstrates shortsightedness with a closed and/or small worldview. How do I know this? Well, because the very thing you’re arguing for is anti-democratic demagoguery. I can’t tell if you’re attempting to support Bernie or Trump; and for the record, I don’t care who you’re supporting. All I can tell is that you’re a bit off center. That’s fine, because unlike you, I support your right to choose to be a prick.