Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

I’ll leave this here.

There is a major problem here that I think many people don’t get. People say it is a man vs. woman thing, when it isn’t. People say Bernie supporters wanted coke, got pepsi, and are somehow upset about it. That comparison couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hillary is ruthless, period. Some might find a sense of reassurance in that fact, but I can’t quite understand why. Putin and Trump are ruthless too, would the same people who admire that quality in Hillary praise them for possessing it as well? Doubtful.

She has been surrounded by controversies for her entire career. Her morality has been called into question countless times by people that have worked with her, and yet, all of this is ignored by her supporters. All of it is ignored because this is a historic election, the likes of which I greatly admire and have wanted to see for a long time. But, that shouldn’t exclude her from the facts that have been revealed over the past decade about her (even prior to this election).

People say they’re tired of hearing about the emails, and I am too. But, I am paying attention whereas the vast majority of people saying they’re tired of hearing about them are not. There wasn’t one email scandal, there were three. Three, as in more than the one these people are lumping the other two into. These emails, if you’ve read them, call into question Hillary’s judgement, her true stances on things, and the blatant manipulation of the DNC on her behalf. She has blantantly lied and been caught in the lie, but her supporters choose to ignore this, and honestly, if you don’t give a shit about those things then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Period.

I don’t care if you’re a woman who wants to see a woman president, I’m a man and I want to see a woman president. That isn’t what the resistance against Hillary is about. If you believe that is what it is about you’re shallow and shortsighted. What it is about is her as a person and a leader.

Do I believe in someone who builds foreign policy like Kissinger? No.

Do I trust someone who has already openly discussed taking a fight to Syria? No.

Do I trust someone who has been seen meeting with foreign leaders off the books? No.

Do I trust someone who says, “down with wallstreet” while being almost 100% funded by them (personally and privately)? No.

Do I trust someone who has multiple businesses associated with her listed in the panama papers? No.

So do I believe she is qualified to be the president? Yes I do. Over qualified. But do I trust her to do what is right for the people of this country? Not as far as I could throw her, and I have weak shoulders.

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