Why Tim Cook is so furious
Gernot Poetsch

Loved the article, but I disagree that Tim Cook is furious. I think he is acting extremely calm and rational when it comes to this issue.

Here’s the thing.

I strongly believe that we need to protect privacy, constitutional and consumer rights. Especially when it comes to the issue of bulk data collection, or the increased attack surface a backdoor into Apple products would provide governments and malicious individuals. However, I only support those protections when the victim of such violations have not committed violent crimes.

This case is not as cut and dry as a supporter of digital privacy might see it.

What do we do to find a middle ground here? I assume that the San Bernadino attackers had friends. I assume that at least a few of those friends either knew something was amiss or were involved in some way.

How would you feel if those people left trails on that phone and then went on to do something terrible?

I don’t know the solution here. I’d assume it has something to do with building tools that attempt to break security measures the old fashioned way, by allowing law enforcement a few months to attempt to get into the phone through strictly controlled measures. Never a general backdoor. But there has to be something we could do.

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