The year is 2001. Jonah Peretti is a grad student at MIT’s Media Lab and hops on ye olde desktop dinosaur to buy a fresh pair of sneakers. Keys clack, that computer glow we know and love (and keeps us up at night) emanates out and illuminates his face. His eyes widen as he stumbles across NikeID and the awesome customization potential.

Jonah clicks his way through the shoe options, and elects to customize his own pair of Zoom XC USA running shoes. Then, the text box pops up. It prompts him to enter in whatever he wants!

A mischievous…

I love Craigslist.

It’s been part of my life for a while.

I bought my first camera off of the site back when I was an angsty youth trying to express myself through photography. I bought my first car off of Craigslist — a 1992 Toyota Tercel that cost me $400 dollars. And incidentally, I didn’t have $400 dollars saved when I decided I wanted the car, so I sold two suitcases, some camping gear, and a few sports jerseys to pay for it on Craigslist. …

The Maldives: an idyllic paradise. It’s built up out of the blue —more than a thousand coral reefs comprise the nation residing in the midst of the Indian Ocean. Extensive snorkeling, a surplus of sunshine, and the whitest of beaches provide enough reasons to plan your next vacation here. It’s the picturesque tourist destination.

So picturesque, in fact, that the Maldives host more tourists each year than the nation’s total population. Tourism is undoubtably central to the country’s wealth; it accounts directly for 39.6% of the Maldives total GDP. …

I stood in the middle of acres of land that were all ash and soot and dirt. A bulldozer had made its way through there a few weeks prior and made its acquaintance with a family of trees. It was my job to pick up their remains and give them a proper Australian outback funeral. That meant heaping all of those left over branches, trunks, and logs into one massive funeral pyre and setting it ablaze. It would take a few weeks. After my task was finished, I’d move onto the next bulldozed section and conduct the same, repetitious work…

Will Gillingham


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