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What does your comment have to do with anything I said or the video presented? There are plenty of police brutality incidences that should be highlighted. I remember being part of CopWatch over a decade ago where these cases were being presented in a straightforward manner before this BLM emotional BS. This particular case in question is not one of them. I do think that they should have gone the route of a perimeter until she came out on her own volition, but this lady is not the one that should be paraded as a hero of “the movement”. The video I gave a link to shows that in excruciating detail.
As far as Trump. You obviously have no idea who I am and are making statements of stereotype and ignorance instead of analyzing the facts and making judgements on reason instead of emotion. Both candidates are beyond reproach as is usual in the false Left Right paradigm US voters are presented with. Until we get over this us vs them mentality that produces decisions based off of groupthink, nothing will change. Your comment is the perfect example of you saying what you are told to say instead of making a unique and reasoned exchange of ideas.

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