23 Ways to Create Consistent Content Among 101 Other Priorities

Will Blunt
May 8, 2018 · 15 min read

Part 1 — Time Savers and Productivity

1. Plan content in advance

2. Create a blogging template or checklist

3. Streamline your keyword research

4. Mine content to create a post structure

5. Speed up image editing

6. Use plugins for SEO

7. Leverage voice-to-text technology

8. Make the most of a content calendar

9. Do things in chunks

10. Remove all distractions

11. Set goals

12. Reward yourself (and others)

13. Stay on task

14. Take a break

Part 2 — Ways to Outsource or Delegate

15. Recruit your internal team members

16. Invite guest contributors

17. Use customer and audience data

18. Create case studies

19. Tap into user-generated content

20. Send out a survey

21. Do a content roundup

22. Hire a writer

23. Outsource other blogging tasks


Will Blunt

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Helping content teams and digital agencies manage, improve, and scale their content marketing efforts. Founder of @FlypChart.

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