Stop the Lurking Stress Monster

4 Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is unavoidable as an entrepreneur. We all deal with it — probably on a daily basis.

And it can really suck. Like really.

Uncontrolled stress can be the beginning of the end for an entrepreneur. (tweetable)

When you’re in a job you have stress of deadlines, bosses, and perhaps aggravating colleagues. I certainly don’t want to downplay that type of stress — it can really suck the life out of people — but the anxiety an entrepreneur has to deal with is something greater.

The stakes are higher for an entrepreneur because your livelihood depends on your work.

In my first week as a full-time entrepreneur, building my business Cycle Studios, I realized just how badly the stress of big decisions and sales can affect my outlook. I’d have a conversation with a potential client and wonder if I’m going to get a signed proposal back. Or get stuck on a detail about taxes and finances that overwhelmed me.

It’s a different ballgame when it all rests on your shoulders.

But over the years of being a part-time entrepreneur and now full-time Founder I’ve learned that stress can be controlled.

Stress is like a little monster that won’t go away. Kind of like a gremlin (except not quite as murderous).

Stress is a menace, constantly trying to get your attention and distract you, ultimately tearing you down.

Although we know stress is bad it’s something that easily enters our day and consumes our thoughts. Like a stray dog you know you shouldn’t pet because it has a disease but you know it’s waiting outside your house hoping to get your attention, to feed off whatever scraps you’ll give it.

But letting stress in just a little can lead to a downward spiral. If left unchecked and controlled it can turn you into a grumpy, unhealthy, tired, overweight monster.

But it can be controlled if you make the decision to.

If you feel the stress monster lurking in your day, poking at you constantly; standing in the way of making effective, profitable decisions, try these 4 Ways of Dealing with Stress.

  1. Take a walk and give yourself time to think through the situation. Realize that it’s not as bad as you think and it’ll just take time to work through it. Heck, you may figure it out on your walk.
  2. Grab coffee with a friend and talk it through.
  3. Go workout and literally work out the stress in your body.
  4. WIMIFY the situation. This is one my favorites. It means to take a look at the situation and ask yourself “Will it matter in five years?” You’ll be amazed how often the answer is “No”.

Ultimately controlling the stress monster is all about your mental strength. Stress Monster is there, lurking in your life waiting to jump out and try to distract you and tear you down. But you can say “no” to the stresses in your life easily and control just how much they affect you. After all, that’s why stress monster has a collar — you can be in control if you know how to tame it.

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