Dear President Obama, Thank you
Corey Long

Thank you for adding $10 trillion to our national debt.

Thank you for making health insurance useless for millions, sky rocketing premiums and rising deductibles. I used to have a great plan, now it is more than twice as expensive and barely meets the bronze standard.

Thank you for making race relations the worst since the 60's.

Thank you for making most of your legacy royal edict. All of which will be rescinded on the 21st of January.

I’m sure the Europeans will thank you for the millions of Muslims running amuck across their continent.

I’m sure the Ukrainians will thank you for having their backs.

Isis will thank you for letting them flourish and expand. 3 countries thank you very much. You did such a great job in Libya Isis now calls it home. Great job in Benghazi. You had your people’s back their. You couldn’t even send an American plane to pick them up.

Iran thanks you for the $130 billion it can now use to spread more of their hate and instability across the Middle East. Yemen really appreciates it and so does Saudi Arabia. Let’s not forget giving them a free pass to build nukes that they will surely use on us when given the chance.

If black lives mattered you would have done something about Chicago. Not blaming it on police using false narratives. Great job. 50 million Americans living below the poverty level. Highest level since w w 2. Blacks living in their own homes way down, blacks owning their own businesses, way down. Blacks killing blacks way up. Great work.

Climate change? What have you done to affect that? If India and China are doing nothing then all you’ve done is making it harder for us to compete in the world economy.

(I hope you understand sarcasm, this rebuttal is laced with it)

I could go on but I think you get the point. Thank god the nightmare will be over in 9 days and hopefully we can turn things around and make America great again.

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