Rituals and Practices for End of Year Giving

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kate poole and I are committed to racial and economic justice, freedom, liberation, unrestricted joy, creativity, and wildness. We are also white and wealthy. We know that our movement requires us to show up fully, consistently, and with humility, love, and rigor.

In addition to our organizing and resource mobilization work we have each found body based practices that keep us grounded, curious, and connected both necessary and important. The movement work we are called to takes our whole selves. When we’re working on systemic change, we need to address our bodies as systems that reflect the imbalances and injustices of the world. We can’t expect to be healthy in a polluted system so these practices can help us get clear on all that we are working with as we transform ourselves and our communities.

At the end of a year that has been filled with radical vision, movement building, deportations, violence, monstrous policy changes, and horrible twitter feeds, we offer this work as a tool to push through the end of the year bold and balanced. We need to mobilize resources and invest in the long haul. We need to build together, personally and collectively, a liberatory future. Please join us!

You can reach out to us and stay connected through: bit.ly/kateandwilla

We are working with and inspired by:

adrienne maree brown and emergent strategy

cooperation jackson

generative somatics

Liberatory Leadership Project

movement generation

Movement netlab

Resource Generation
Shakti Rising

Solidaire Network

Thousand Currents

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