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There are no informed people who support the Sex Offender Registries (SORs). Experts never have and never will.

Who does? Number one, politicians. Well, of course. Completely trustworthy. Who else? People who are employed by big government. Law enforcement/criminals. People who are making money off of it. Private prisons. Scum of the earth profiteers. People who love big government and can’t have it big enough. People who cannot have too many laws or attempting to control other people. Hateful people who simply enjoy revenge and hurting people. Terrible parents who are too lazy to educate and supervise their very own children in order to prevent them from becoming victims. People with low IQs.

Good parents will never need the magic SORs. Bad parents will never be helped enough by them.

But the U.S. is too weak and stupid to get rid of the magic SORs. We LOVE big government. So the magic SORs will continue to exist and they will continue to protect no one. They will provide jollies to the pathetic people who misuse them. And the families that are listed on the magic SORs will continue to ensure that they are worse than worthless. They will continue to do everything that is legal to retaliate for the simple existence of the magic SORs. They will continue to lower the quality of life for anyone who support the magic SORs. The magic SORs will continue to harm America.

And finally we have to point out yet again that the magic SORs are not really for “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies. If they were, we would have created many other national Registries well over a decade ago. We would have stopped people who have shot children with guns in schools from living next door to schools. But we didn’t. And for good reason. Mostly because it’s all a bunch of idiotic nonsense.

The emperor has no clothes.

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