Looking Within — What it Means to Look Within

May 29 · 2 min read

The fourth concept of New Age Spirituality is on its idea about the human being. The human being is an untapped potential of powers. The human being can do more than what we see him doing now. He has already discovered and harnessed the powers of electricity, of computers, of instant communications. He can do infinitely more. He is spirit with infinite powers at his disposal, if he only knew how to harness these powers.The human being is a totally free agent, therefore. And he breaks loose from the traditional restraints of society in general and of the churches in particular.

The fifth concept of New Age Spirituality is concerning the planet earth. It is a living being on its own. The term used to refer to this planet is Gaia, the Greek goddess personifying the earth. Because of this, New Age Spirituality has a reverence for this planet earth. Hence persons who profess New Age Spirituality have programs on environmental care. Because of this they advocate simple living so that the environment will not be destroyed.

The sixth concept concerns the heavenly bodies, the sun, moon, planets, their satellites, the stars and other heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies, according to New Age Spirituality, have a consciousness of their own and they influence lives, human and non-human, on this planet earth.

From these basic concepts flow the other concepts and practices such as yoga exercises, controlled and supervised meditation, meditative, soothing music, communicating with the dead, use of crystals in health care, mind travel to heavenly bodies, psychic knowledge of the future and of the minds of others, practice of alternative medicine, reincarnation, karma or the accumulation of good and bad merits, eclecticism in religious beliefs tending to form one universal religion, respect for women as leaders in religion, respect and reverence for ancient civilizations, emphasis on personal, mystical experience as opposed to dogmatism and ritualism of the churches, the dawning of a new age of abundance and happiness.