He’s a man on a mission and he won’t be denied till he gets there.

Kortne Gosha — Associate Athletic Director & Chief Operating Officer, Middle Tennessee State University

What if I told you…

Leadership has no age requirement. Just ask Kortne Gosha (go-shay), the 28 year-old Chief Operating Officer at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).

If we were to consider the shortest perceived paths to “the high chair” atop an athletic department, certain areas of expertise/involvement would likely…

As athletic administrators, our key focus is the success of the student-athletic teams we serve.

Making the Grade

Progress: the onward movement toward a destination.

Throughout the course of our lives, we are faced with many obstacles that sometimes slow or seemingly halt our advancement altogether. Still, we press forward knowing that the most rewarding part of the process is continually making progress. This is seldom, if ever…

There is a fundamental connection between the quality of your thoughts and the actions they produce.

The variables of the QQS Formula are essential for career success. Image via i0.wp.com.

In this first installment of Career Fundamentals, we will be covering the first tenet, or CF.1. It reads as follows:

CF.1: Make a deliberate decision to hold yourself accountable for your thoughts, actions, and service to those you work for.

While the scope of this article is dedicated to the…

Image via customerthink.com

There is no substitute for on-the-job experience, and it is not my intent to convince you otherwise. However, as you are climbing the career ladder, be careful to respect every step in the process along the way. …

Will Baggett

Will has a sincere passion for developing young professionals. His first book, The Blueprint for a Successful Career, is on Amazon. Writer @frntofficesport.

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