Su Real Estate, Amigos.

Art work by Brad Kendall & Art Director, David Gardiner.

The All-Inclusive Church of Cancun is probably my best novel from a technical perspective. It’s also .99 cents on Kindle now. I can’t make it free for a variety of reasons. I can make it free on Smashwords if .99 cents is too rich for you. Head on over to Smashwords for free. A few interesting facts. The main character Boo Black is modeled on a friend of mine. I’ve taken certain parts of my friend’s personality and merged it with my own. I’ve also taken a third friend from childhood and blended him in too. You get three South Shore dudes for the price of one. Boo Black also appears as a pirate-witch in my novel Coffin Island. Boo Black is a bit of a pirate-ninja. One of those impossibilities that cannot exist. He’s two different fictional characters created out of components of three real people. I sent him with Professor Calico another Coffin Island character to Mexico on The Day of the Dead to search for God at a heavy metal concert at an unfinished airport in the jungle. Sounds like I stacked the deck a bit, right? Why would I do such a thing? I wanted to write about the surrealistic possibilities of life. What’s lurking just outside the frame of reality? Can you catch a glimpse of unreality for a split second before it escapes your grasp? To personalize what my characters were chasing: I made it a magical burro. You can’t catch that wily beast. He’s The Tijuana Burro™. I trademarked him to make him even more absurd. Sounds totally insane, right? That’s the point. Life can be magical, absurd and insane. Some people read that kind of unreality as a kind of religious experience. The shaman on magic mushrooms chatting up the snake in the desert. Have you heard of that one? I’d personally like to hear that conversation. Or just craft it myself which I did. Let’s take that magic snake for a ride. And crash him too. That sounds like fun. Why should the snake get to tell us what to do? We’ll fix his wagon. I wanted my characters to botch their mystical experience. I also figured it would be a lot of fun to write about religious mad men gleefully making a mess of the mystical world. Stomping their way right through The Underworld. So why not wake up a couple of old Gods over The Day of the Dead down in Mexico? We might even pull it off.