Walk This Way

Home of Daniel Webster. Other notable residents include: Steven Tyler, Steve Carell and Dicky Barrett. The population is greater than Hingham fun fact. Scituate is kind of a piker at 18,000. Hingham is second place in the population contest at 22,000. Marshfield podiums at 25,000. Not many people know that. Cohasset is just a sprinter at 7,000. Cohasset was once part of Hingham. I am a proponent of taking it back. I think Jerusalem Road would be a lovely addition to Hingham. It would also solve that whole part of town. You drive through a few fixer upper streets and then boom right after The Corner Stop. All of Straits Pond actually. We snag that first part of Hull too and proudly feature that. Maybe do an obnoxious land grab and take all of Nantasket. Fascination could be Conte’s Dress Shop. Hingham doesn’t have any open ocean. It gets all the real estate press but it has terrible water. It’s all stinky Bathing Beach and inner harbor that is really tidal. Plenty of mud for your buck. You can walk to half the islands at low tide. We have Black Rock Country Club. It stands to reason that we should have Black Rock Beach too. We’ll trade Accord Pond with Norwell and call it a day. I don’t entirely view town lines the way they are delineated on maps. It’s fun to actually think about. There is a section of Hingham past Derby Street over Route 3A. I actually said to someone recently. C’mon, that’s Weymo. My father lives in South Weymouth. I picked it for him too. I’m in no way making fun of Weymouth. But I ain’t paying Hingham real estate prices for Weymouth, Hingham. Why should I when I can get the real thing? Union Point is just way better. That’s the new name for Southfield. South Shore hospital isn’t even terrible anymore. That’s when you get the real Will Berkeley. The broker just sat there dumbfounded because I was right. I also looked at another house in Hingham that was on the Rockland line. I am talking the backyard was in Rockland. You know what? I buy in Rockland, Rockland before I buy in Rockland, Hingham. I used to do Tae Kwon Do right down the street from here back in the day. I’m not afraid of a little Rockland real estate. There is not much down here that you can surprise me with. Chances are: I have a direct connection with a given town. Marshfield is no exception. My Uncle Bert raised three daughters there. I give him all the credit because that’s a lot of daughters under one roof. One of my friends has three boys. I give her all the credit too. That’s a lot of dudes under one roof. If you get a dog: it has to be female. We can’t just keep overrunning you. Sometimes real estate is that simple too. I’m going on tour in Marshfield today. One of the houses is Duxbury, Marshfield. Same situation. You make me drive this far? What’s another ten minutes? If you push me all the way down to Duxbury? Lunch in Plymouth is a just a natural. I once looked at a house in West Roxbury and Brookline. The deed was filed in both towns. It was bank owned. The pipes had burst. It had a lot going for it, in my mind. What do you think? That’s what the broker asked. I said, it’s too bad that the majority of the problem is in West Roxbury. Otherwise we wouldn’t be standing here. I’d have already bought this house.