The Gift We Share, The Burden We Bear

Every person who has ever lived, every man, every woman, every prodigious creative, every political revolutionary, every hopeless down-and-out; the first to cross the mighty oceans, the last to dwell in caves, the courageous generals of empires long since fallen and those devout of religion without a possession to their name.

Without exception, every human to have walked upon this galactic speck of dust we call earth has had a unique experience quite unlike that of any who preceded them, and any who will ever follow. The path that you tread through this life is deeply personal to you, nobody has ever seen quite what you’ve seen, felt how you’ve felt, nor achieved what you have achieved. The time we have on this planet is finite. Whether we live to be ten, or one hundred, our briefest of moments in time is all that we will ever have, and we owe it to those we love, to our predecessors and above all to ourselves to grasp every opportunity gifted to us and to revel in the splendour of existence.

As you read this, you are carrying out immensely complex neural processes the likes of which no creature beyond man has ever been able to achieve. Each of us is a member of the most intelligent, the most intricate species to ever have experienced earth.

This towering pinnacle of biological engineering is not without its burdens. Such intense capacity for thought brings with it the crippling fear of failure, overwhelming self doubt, the most crushing of pains when we lose someone who meant the world to us, the agony of loving without hope of being loved, and, despite these experiences being far from pleasant, they are experiences. These are inherent traits of the human condition and whilst we so often seek to close ourselves off from discomfort, to rid ourselves of these pains would dull our experience of life, it would fade the threads on our most delicate of tapestries.

So take the risks, play the game, live without fear and don’t live a life constrained by the results of others, because their existence is not yours. Love with passion, strive for excellence and never settle. No one will live the life that you will live, so push the boundaries, delight in the physical pleasures, and above all, don’t leave even the most fleeting of possibilities that you will regret what could have been. Simply by being alive, you are privileged beyond measure, so make today a day deserving of your gift. The clock is ticking on each and every one of us - we have no time to lose.