Hard to have hope

Friends, many of you argued that Trump “wasn’t going to do what he said”, that Trump “was going to be a moderate”, or, even, that Trump “is more talk than action.” Some of you voted for him and said “We take him seriously, but not literally.”

After this week we can definitively say that was unfounded optimism. What a horribly sad time to be American, as we look askance as millions of innocent and peaceful people suffer because of a cruel immigration ban. As Republican leaders — who screamed about the debt for all of Obama’s presidency — say they will pay $12 — $15 BILLION dollars for a border wall. As our scientists and researchers that provide data to make decisions are told they must clear any public reports before releasing. And, so much more.

With all of that, though, I still can’t stop thinking about and mourning yesterday’s action: it’s just so extreme. We took in 80K total refugees last year, after a vetting process that lasts 2 years. 80K out of 65 MILLION. These are the people that believe in this country more than almost anyone else à their perseverance in pursuit of joining us in the US is incredible. Now, no more room. And, that’s not it. There are the 10,000 or so people who risked their lives to serve as translators for the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan and were promised Special Immigrant Visas, who are languishing outside our borders. And the citizens of 6 countries with legitimate US visas — sometimes even Green Cards — being turned away.

So, it’s real. And, importantly, who is opposed to these actions? It’s the people who live and work with immigrants, people of color, and Muslims every day. The men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and see their brave colleagues banned at the border. The generals and diplomats whose mission in life is to keep the world safe. Remember that. It’s hard to have hope for our country or our world…