1.3 Install CORS & implement via app.js

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Will Barnes
Jul 6, 2017 · 1 min read

wb todoMVC Master >> 1.3 install CORS & imple…

Update 7/19

OpenAPI3 (aka swagger3) is just about ready for official release. This means steps 1.1–1.x will need to be rewritten soon. The folks over at swagger-api are working hard updating the many swag tools to work with the latest spec.


Open terminal and navigate to project

$ cd ~/Sites/swag/todo-api

Install CORS in project

$ npm install cors --save

Open app.js

$ open app.js

Implement CORS in app.js referencing lines 10 & 27 below

// code
line 10: var cors = require('cors');
// code
line 27: app.use(cors());
// code

Gotchas (restart required?)

You may find that you have to manually restart both your swagger editor & swagger server in mock mode to prevent bugs moving forward.

Tutorial Navigation

The master tutorial doc is located here: WB todoMVC MASTER

Previous Step: 1.2 run swagger editor & server in mock mode

Next Step: 1.4 define TODO data model and define GET endpoint.

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