1.7 define /todo/{id} DELETE endpoint

wb todoMVC Master >> 1.7 define /todo/{id} DELE…

Update 7/19

OpenAPI3 (aka swagger3) is just about ready for official release. This means steps 1.1–1.x will need to be rewritten soon. The folks over at swagger-api are working hard updating the many swag tools to work with the latest spec.


If you have not implemented CORS this step will fail. See how to implement CORS here.

Regarding returning 204 responses: some legacy browsers (IE11, various SmartTVs) choke on 204. Swagger editor in mock mode also chokes on 204 As a result we will use a 200 with some string response to represent a successful delete


Run swagger editor & server in mock mode if not running already.

Define DELETE action under Paths: /todo/{id} in swagger.yaml


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