The MAGA Meetups FAQ

Hi folks! My name is Will Chamberlain, I’m an attorney here in DC, and the organizer of DC #magameetups. I also help run the @magameetups Twitter account. After handling a number of DMs and requests for help/ideas, a few things routinely come up. Thus, the FAQ.

How do I get one started?

Just do it! Pick a date, time, and place, get your friends together, and make it happen. We can help you blast out the event on social media to get initial interest.

How do I know if there are MAGA Meetups already in my area?

Check the @magameetups Twitter account, and the #magameetup/#magameetups hashtags as well. If you search, you might find something in your area. Or, get in touch with us by DM at the @magameetups Twitter account. Note: right now, our response time to DMs is spotty, as the operators of the account are gainfully employed.

What should it look like?

We strongly suggest doing drinks at an upscale bar or restaurant in your town. Upscale is key — we want these to be fun events with *sober* conversation. The idea is to build community, and network with like-minded people, and not get trashed. If drinks are expensive, that’s a feature, not a bug, because people will drink less. And upscale places create an excitement about going out, people generally try to look their best, etcetera. You want to create an environment where everyone is welcome, and everyone is their best self.

Another point — pick a consistent date, and do at least one every month. For us in DC, that’s been the second Tuesday of every month.

What about security?

Security is another reason to go upscale. Upscale bars often have their own security that you can kind free-ride off of.In DC, we routinely do it at the Trump hotel, and we’ve never had any problems. As for publicity, we generally hold back on precise locations of meetups until the day of when we are starting a new one.

Also, be conscious of the privacy needs of your attendees. Many professionals in major cities don’t want to be publicly outed as Trump supporters. You should respect their wishes.

Should I plan a speaker/events/what have you?

You can, but it’s not necessary to do so. We’ve found that Trump supporters generally just want to get together and enjoy each other’s company. That said, some organizers work hard to get speakers — Atlanta being the most obvious example, where they are planning a major event on August 12th.

Anything I should do while hosting?

Yes. Get emails, so you can arrange the next one privately. If you use an app to organize meetups, don’t use, because it’s not private. We have a platform that you can use once you get up to a certain size, or you can organize on your own via Google Groups and Google Calendar.

Cheers (and #MAGA),