How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

Very clever article. I am a bit amused that some people are taking it literally. Ross was made to feel bad about his intellectualism on the show. He wanted (as many nerds do when young) to fit in with a cool crowd. So he accepted a lower status in the group simply for being smart. I was a computer programmer for many years (excuse me, now we refer to such people as “software engineers” LOL). In public I would probably dumb down to fit in. I will never forget one occasion when I met an attractive girl. After a long chat, I told her my job and she responded “Really? I thought you had to be really smart to do that!” I had dumbed down too much for her benefit. Now I am in the latter phase of life (retired). When I watch friends now (yeah, I have the series on DVD), I find myself appreciating the comedy writing, but bored by the premise of so many episodes, which seems to be to get laid. Maybe I have just lost touch with the imperatives of young adulthood to breed. But I think getting laid is a rather tedious goal in life.

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