Morehouse Leaders Affirm Support for President John Wilson
Jarrett Carter Sr.

This is a major problem for Morehouse that will set them back. Wilson is a powerful and clever alumnus who has allies in the Morehouse community looking out for him and not the best interest of Morehouse. They are blinded by their loyalty to Wilson. Morehouse has simply not changed for the better since Wilson took office, it didn’t even remain the same … there’s unfortunately a noticeable decline.

How in the heck is Morehouse on the right path when they’re are declining on almost every metric colleges are judged on. Let’s see again

  1. Number of applications — decline
  2. Average GPA of entering students — decline
  3. Students not defaulting on loans-decline
  4. Graduation Rates-decline
  5. Enrollment-decline
  6. Top scholars selecting Morehouse-decline
  7. Endowment and funding-decline

I can go all day. Spelman is kicking Morehouse butt when they use to be about even. Fortunately the name of Morehouse is still considered prestigious thanks mostly to the powerful alumni network and past accomplishments but that will change soon if Morehouse don’t step up and get rid of Wilson.

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