Midnight Special — Review

This cool indie sci-fi flick drops you right in the middle of a story about a father and friend on the run from the Feds as well as some Jesus freaks, protecting a son with special powers. You don’t need to know more than that really, and this movie is mature enough to not even concern itself much with specifically defining everything this kid can actually do or why.

Directed by Jeff Nichols (2013’s pretty good ‘Mud’ and 2011’s excellent ‘Take Shelter’), you can think of ‘Midnight Special’ as a sort of meditation on parenthood and faith disguised as a science-fiction thriller, though it works well as both. Michael Shannon does a predictably great job playing a character, who, while intense and a bit scary, is also a loving father. Though I understand not everyone is loving the ending (it worked fine for me), I’d say this deserves to be seen by movie fans just on the basis of being a genre film that’s the opposite of predictable.

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