The Boss — Review

You probably have a good idea of what this is since they’ve been advertising the living shit out of it. You know, it’s the one with Melissa McCarthy as a washed up former business mogul who starts up a girl scout cookie business with her former assistant (Kristen Bell being a good sport playing the boring nice-girl foil to McCarthy’s female Donald Trump) and says wild and profane things around children.

Look, you know as well as I do McCarthy can spew ridiculous insults like nobody’s business, and sure, there’s some worthy chuckles to be had in moments of her doing just that, many of which I imagine were improvised. But ‘The Boss’ is still just another lame comedy made kind of watchable by McCarthy, as opposed to a good comedy she can do proper justice to.

Doesn’t seem like she’s just selling out for a quick paycheck either, since like 2014’s ‘Tammy,’ ‘The Boss’ was written by her and her husband Ben Falcone, and directed by Falcone. They’re both funny people, and I wouldn’t want to discourage them from trying to make good comedies, but let’s just say I’m more looking forward to the next time McCarthy stays in front of the camera. Here’s hoping ‘Ghostbusters’ doesn’t suck…

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