Zootopia — Review

In Disney’s ‘Zootopia,’ Ginnifer Goodwin voices a rabbit who moves to the titular city of interspecies harmony to become a cop, something we’re told a bunny has never done, and which is highly discouraged. Once there she chases and eventually befriends a con-artist fox (a charming Jason Bateman) and becomes mixed up in a case of missing predators and related predator attacks, which is turning the whole all-animals-respect-each-other-here idea of the city upside down. Can we deny our genetics and truly follow our dreams, or is it, you know, the racist option? You think this is the 1950’s? Or a Gerard Butler movie?

The one knock I’ll give ‘Zootopia’ is that its inspirational anthem, Shakira’s “Try Everything,” is a slightly more obnoxious tune than The Lego Movie’s “Everything Is Awesome,” although I don’t think they’re intentionally spoofing pop music this time. Other than that, this is a clever, great-looking animated film that’s usually amusing and occasionally very funny.

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