Google Trends — Programming whats in future?

Hi, maybe your know about google trends service —

Yesterday i watched google statistic by ‘Programming’, ‘Programmer’

1st line — Queries

2nd line — Dynamic of popular

For more info

I think that`s not problem for Programming industry, because we can think that programming industry not only for programmers — Yes!

It`s newbee users also, Juniors don`t search ‘Programming’ or ‘Coding’, they users making more information questions, but we can check populars of juniors.

For example: users who don`t know how to coding vs programming generally

and finally trends graph.

On this graph we can see that Programming industry is not falls from 2005 to 2015, but Programmer & Programming queries falls day-by-day

I think that programming industry will be increase with willdev

Your can try to check your programming skill now at

Bonus, programmer languages trends:

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