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chat icon by Chameleon Design from the Noun Project

How to share your work and make it count

Our design team’s offsite focused on design polish

The Polishathon is born

How might we design delight? First, a few principles:

Basic Expectations

We’ve been using Figma’s team component library for 7 months now, and it is awesome.

We started by documenting every element…

Start with the weirdest design

So start on the outside of what’s expected.

Remember when everybody stopped using Photoshop and started using Sketch? It’s happening again.

Why should you keep your team’s designs in Figma?

1. Organization and sharing are effortless

The most important gmail feature is located in the 10th row of general settings.

backdrop-filter is supposed by… guess who? Thanks, Apple…
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Reflect, Plan, Live, Repeat

My resolutions for 2015. Make your own at

Instead of making resolutions for the year, we’re going to tackle it one month at a time.

William Newton

Lead Product Designer at Amplitude

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