Waiting for a sign to start building your design team’s component library?

We’ve been using Figma’s team component library for 7 months now, and it is awesome.

About a year ago at Gusto we were talking about building a component library; the holy grail signifying a design team maturing from a startup to a team that puts value on process. A component library would let us design and build without bickering about consistency. It would let us design at scale.

We started by documenting every element, form, page, modal and alert—and laying them out side-by-side.

Mostly all the UI within Gusto as of December 2016


we identified all the common elements that could be consolidated, breaking them into their own files, and then designing the various states for each ‘master’ element in Figma. One by one, each element and page became available to the rest of the team.

Just search, click, and drag. Boom!

Lead Product Designer at Amplitude

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