Maybe you have ghosted someone or been ghosted before? It generally goes something like this: Two people meet in an online (typically online dating) setting, things seem to be going well - maybe they even meet up in real life - but one day a message is sent and it receives no reply.

Rather than having a difficult conversation about discontinuing the relationship, our modern communication platforms afford us the luxury of cutting ties as easily as abandoning a TV series after the first few episodes. …

Now updated for Holochain v0.0.4-alpha!

If you have been following the development of Holochain you may be aware that a developer preview of the next iteration has been released.

Holochain hApps are made of compiled WebAssembly that encodes the rules of the hApp, the data it can store and how users will interact with it. This means that any language that can compile to WebAssembly can one day be used for Holochain.

Writing WebAssembly that complies with the Holochain runtime can be tricky. To make development as streamlined as possible the core team has been developing a Holochain-dev-kit (HDK) for…

Willem Olding

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