Remote is so hot right now. However, if you want to work for a remote-first company there are a few things you need to know before applying as the hiring game is vastly different. Here at Aula Education, we get around 10K applicants a year for our tech jobs alone and we’re all about setting our candidates up for success so here are some tips that can be valuable for everyone.

Let’s get started.

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Before applying

Before you even start looking for jobs, have a deep thinking session with yourself on what it would mean to be a successful remote worker. …

At Aula Education, we’ve been pushing for delivering on a something called D&I. Diversity & Inclusion. Daring & Interesting stuff.

As your friendly white guy, in charge of hiring, it’s quite something to try and do D&I. D&I is everywhere, you can’t escape it. D&I is also not defined, some companies create a rainbow logo, and call it D&I. Some companies hire lots of junior women developers, and call it D&I. Living in Amsterdam, I saw a lot of company boats on the canal during pride, and they call that D&I.

Instead of doing all those things, I thought to write up some of the values we stand for, and call it D&I. …

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Hiring at Slite is, like at any early stage company, mission critical. And like any startup, we have limited visibility. We work smart for great candidates to apply to our roles. We invest time and effort reaching out to people, getting Slite on their radar.

On top of that, Slite is a product company. Anyone we engage with to join our team is also a potential Slite user. …


Willem Wijnans

Remote 🏝️ x Hiring 🚀 x

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