Will autonomous cars sense desire?

Car companies are racing towards innovation. Yup. Pun intended. Autonomous and electric innovation to be exact. These cars are all the rage right now. And rightly so. They’re awesome. Think about it. You could be safely reading (sleeping) this while riding to your next meeting. That’s amazing. Everything in the automotive industry is changing. Quickly. But I wonder, if a car can drive itself, will it be able to sense how I want/need it to drive? How will it know I want to impress the girl next to me (women are impressed by how quickly I drive away from them, right)? The car doesn’t care how fast it gets to 60 mph. If I need to get across town by noon and that navigation calculation exceeds the speed limit, the car won’t break the law, right? Will it sense urgency? Will there be a “pregnancy mode” in the settings?

General > Control Center > Speed and Urgency > Pregnancy and Labor

General > Control Center > Ego > Impress Woman > Level > 8

These are the questions I need answered*.

*I need neither of these questions answered.