To white men on the Left,
alexandra chaloux

I think the way Alexandra is interpreting the income distribution data of US voters might be misleading.

It’s true that in 2016 Clinton had the majority of low income voters: with 52% (of those on incomes <$50K a year) supporting her compared with 41% voting for Trump.

BUT don’t forget we’re comparing democrats to republicans. Traditionally rich people in America always vote republican while the poor vote democrat, so the breakdown above just follows that same trend.

To understand why people are likening the US election to Brexit you can’t just look at the snapshot of this election (which would be misleading), you have to look at how the situation has shifted since the last election. In 2012 Obama had 63% of the low income voters (earning <$30K) whereas Clinton this time had a meagre 53%! That is a MASSIVE SHIFT of poor people from Democrat to Republican since 2012. Again not surprising to those who know Hillary’s attitude to the working class. E.g. She was on the board of directors at Wal-Mart for 6 years where she fought tooth and nail against the interests of low paid employees.

So sad. Whichever way the Turkeys vote, they get Christmas.

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